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Child Centric Grant Application

Child-Centric is a resident-driven grant program focused on mobilizing grassroots groups and leaders to help Detroit children get a good start in life from before birth to age 4. Groups comprised of parents, families or neighbors, and formal or informal early childhood care providers are invited to apply for grants of $200-$7,500 for projects intended to support expectant mothers, families, and young children in their first 1000 days. 


Grant support also provided to home day care providers to design learning environments to encourage early literacy and stimulate young minds. 


For Technical Assistance Call 313-782-4042

Generously funded jointly by the W.K Kellogg and Kresge Foundation

2727 Second Avenue, Suite 144 | Detroit, MI  48201 | communityconnections@preventionnetwork.org | 313-782-4042 | Fax: 313-782-4044

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